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Our Features ​

Single Platform - Multiple Forms – Few Clicks

Easy and hassle-free employees’ payroll form filing

  • Easy Setup
  • Data Management
  • Comprehensive Filing
  • Encryption and Confidentiality
  • Tax Form Filing (W2s, 1099s, 94x)
  • Email, Print, Mail, and Download Filed Form
  • Payer and Recipient Management and Report Creation


Easy Setup

Data Management

Comprehensive Filing

Encryption and Confidentiality

No more manual updates

Filing of W-2s, 1099s, 94Xs or other payroll forms Made Easy

E-File Workforce Payroll is an efficiently designed application with user-friendly features to make your automated e-filing system robust and time-saving. It enables accounting firms, business accountants, and CFOs to complete payroll form filing of all employees using a single web application without hassle.

So, to keep all payers and their recipients in a single platform, we have a solution named E-File Workforce Payroll. It enables you to get a list of payers, recipients, pending, rejected, and approved forms after a few clicks. Reporting of filed documents of a specific payer and combined reports can also be generated conveniently. 

You will be happy and blessed after using our E-File Workforce Payroll. It is because of efficient and in-time payroll form filing for all employees with time and money-saving benefits.


If you seek the most reliable and affordable e-filing platform, we ensure only a few can match the standards and rates set by E-File Workforce Payroll. They are experienced, informed, professional accountants and web developers who understand the US payroll form filing system and comprehensively fulfil all professional accountants’ requirements.

Alastair Brook

Alastair Brook


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